Friday, January 18, 2013

god leaves (Gynura Pseudochina (L) DC) - exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

god leaves (Gynura Pseudochina (L) DC) - exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

God leaves, beautiful and exotic shape, so it fits as well as ornamental plants, in pots. Daun Dewa ideal planted in high rainfall areas, sufficient moisture, and exposure to the sun, with temperatures 22-30 degrees cercius.

The plant family Asteraceae is already widely grown people, in the yard, and better known as Beluntas China. Stems, green leaves, and hairy, irregularly shaped bulbous roots. Parts of plants used as medicine are the leaves and tubers. Propagating this plant, quite easy to do, by cuttings and tubers.

Stems, leaves, and tubers have the chemical constituents of essential oils, saponins, teranoid, and tekalora. The leaves can be consumed in fresh form engulfed manner, in juice, or dried for brewed (boiled). Meanwhile, the tubers can be dried. The chemical content of leaves god, efficacious as anti-inflammatory, fever reliever (anti-pyretic), pain relievers (analgesics), blood purifier, and frozen blood thinners (anticoagulants). Daun Dewa is also efficacious as anti-cancer and inflammation in the tissues of the body such as inflammation of the pancreas in patients with diabetes mellitus, laxative menstruation, sore throat, and eye inflammation.

Meanwhile, Daun Dewa bulb burns efficacious as a medicine, reduce swelling, treat venomous animal bite marks, broken bones, and relieve bleeding after childbirth. This herb is also able to cope with arthritic joints, narrowing of blood vessels, breast swelling, lumps due to blood clots, kidney stones, diabetes, and capable of inhibiting cancer cell.

god Potion usage leaves, singly

Prepare seven pieces of fresh leaves and tubers Dewa 30 grams. Wash besih both kemuadian sliced into small pieces, boiled with 600 ml of water to the boil, until the remaining water as much as one-half cup. Strain the cooking water and wait for it to cool. Drink three times a day, to drink half a glass.

Use herb  god leaves, with other Medicinal plants.

Prepare emapat sheet leaves and tubers Dewa 20 grams, 20 grams Meniran Leaves, Leaves Soursop 3 pieces. Rinse all the ingredients, boiled with 600 ml of water to the boil, until the remaining water as much as one-half cup. Cool boiled water, drink three times a day, to drink half a glass. Add palm sugar that taste better.

This herb is taken regularly and, if necessary, the above potion ingredients prepared with dried first, with approximately one-third dose of material while still wet.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meniran Leaf (Phyllanthus niruri L.) - exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Meniran Leaf (Phyllanthus niruri L.) - exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Plant grass herb is very easy to be found all around us, and uniformly in almost all regions in Indonesia. However, Meniran generally not cultivated commercially as a medicinal plant. Meniran often considered a weed that grows wild in damp, rocky, and sandy. Regional spread of this plant, are India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, China, and Indonesia.

Today, the plant is ang Meniran talked about, because properties are believed to increase the system kekbalan body. Various studies on medicinal plants that have a strong role in boosting the immune system, has been done, one of which is Meniran.

Some chemical constituents Meniran is phyllantin, niranthin, hypophyllantin, nirtertalin. Lately, Meniran became popular because of its benefits as a plant immune system booster. Meniran been proven through clinical testing, so it is quite safe to take the recommended dose.

The immune system, which is much needed in the therapeutic treatment of cancer, so Meniran, having a much-needed role in the body's immune cells attack the cancer.

Utilization Meniran formulated with other Medicinal Plants.

Prepare Meniran herb 50 gr, 30 gr Paniculata, Temu-White 20 gr, 20 gr Gathering-Mango, and 30 g of dried Rosella relationship. Wash all ingredients, boiled with water 600 ml of water to boiling, until the remaining one-half cup of water and let cool. Drink three times a day, to drink half a glass. Boiling water is bitter, so diminished sense of bitterness, add a tablespoon, pure honey, or brown sugar to taste.

Neem Leaf (Azadirachta Indica) - exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Neem Leaf (Azadirachta Indica) - exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Neem leaves, besides taken a lot of people, as a medicinal plant, also known as a natural insecticide, which is environmentally friendly. Plant multi-function, also widely grown man, a shade plant on the roadside. Parts of this plant are used for medicinal dipakaai, is the leaves. Neem leaves, containing the active ingredient, such as flavonoids, triterpenoids, glycosides, and other compounds, as antiviral. Other chemical content neem leaves, such as azadirachtin, oil gliserda and asetiloksituranoe acid. The use of traditional, among others, as the lowering of blood cave, increased levels of anti-oxidants and detoxifying enzymes in the stomach, as well as the potential to prevent cancer. Besides essential oils, neem leaves are widely used as an antiseptic.
Neem leaves and neem seeds, can be used as an antibiotic, antifungal antimicrobial, antihelmintik, and antivirus. Neem leaves, as well as to lower total blood cholesterol, LDL, and VLDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and total lipids in serum.

Utilization of neem leaves, formulated with other Medicinal Plants.

Prepare seven neem leaves, five leaves of soursop, betel leaves and three red. Rinse smua ingredients, boiled with 600 ml of water to boiling, until the remaining one half cup of water, strain and chill. Drink three times a day, to drink a glass setngah. This herb stew, tastes very bitter. To reduce the bitter taste, add a tablespoon of honey pure.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Medicinal plants Bidara Upas (Merremia Mammosa Chois)-Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Medicinal plants Bidara Upas (Merremia Mammosa Chois)-Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Traditionally, medicinal plants Bidara Upas, already widely known and used as a medicinal plant. Medicinal plants Bidara convovulaceae Upas including family, the most frequently used as an herb is the tuber. It was rather nice, if cut out the white sap, and tasteless. Once cleaved, tuber flesh, which turns an advanced brown grayish. Then chopped and dried, the color becomes dark brown.

Bidara Upas medicinal plants containing rosin, starch (starch), bitter substances, and resin. These substances have anti-inflammatory properties (inflammation), pain reliever (analgesic), relieving swelling, neutralize toxins. Meanwhile, the fresh sap contains oxydase, the sap fresh herbs Bidara Upas, is thought to have a role in the treatment of breast cancer.

Utilization of medicinal plants Bidara Upas, formulated with other herbs.

Prepare 30 grams  Bidara Upas medicinal plants that have been dried, the dried noni slices 20 grams, dried Phaleria 20 grams, 20 grams of mushrooms Lingzi. Rinse all the ingredients, boiled with 600 ml of water to the boil, samapai the remaining one-half cup. Filter and let stand until warm. Drink boiled water tga times a day, to drink half a glass. In order to taste better, add two teaspoons of syrup, rosella flowers.

Beet (beta Vulgaris) : Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Beet (beta Vulgaris) : Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Red beet, widely known as a vegetable crop, which many in the market, is the beetroot or garden beet, a purplish red. This plant is wet and bulbous plants. There are two varieties of beet, the beet root red, and beet root meah whitish color. 

Beet in Indonesia, grew up in the area, Lembang, Canning, Cipanas, and Batu, Malang. Beet is a source of vitamins B, C and a little vitamin A. The content of pigments in beet, iatu betalain, believed to be very beneficial for preventing colon cancer. Based on research by Eleanor Blanrockbush, Ph.D, President of Trace Minerals International, Colorado, United States, proving that beet can inhibit cell mutations in patients with colorectal cancer. 
Some of the content in the beet root and benefits as follows: 

• 34% Folic Acid: grow and replace damaged cells. 
• Caumarin: that works to prevent cancer. 
• Betasianin: as a cancer preventative. 
• Other substances, which serves to normalize the energy, and the immune system. 

Beets when cut open, blood-red, when dried will experience a depreciation of 80%, by weight of the wet. In the treatment of cancer, beet is often mixed with other herbs, both in ingredients and the herbs are boiled vegetable juice. 

Beet usage with other Medicinal Plants. 

Prepare fresh tuber Bit 50 grams, add 20 grams of white ground, meeting buffoonery 20 grams, and 20 grams gods crown. Wash all the ingredients, then chopped into small pieces. Boil all ingredients dengan600 ml of water to the boil, reserving one half cup water. Let stand until warm, then strain the cooking water. Drink three times a day, to drink half a glass. Add lemon juice and two teaspoons, pure honey, herbs that taste better.

Parasit Plant (Loranthus sp) : Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Parasit Plant (Loranthus sp) : Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

In general, the parasite has been known in the midst of our society, as a nuisance plant another crop. Because of the nature of parasites, parasite commonly grown in some commercial crops, such as tea plants, and fruit trees such as mango, guava and sapodilla.
Beyond the nature of parasites. As weeds, also known as plant parasites that have efficacy in the treatment of cancer. In areas Lembang, West Java, Indonesia, for example, the parasite that grows on the tree of tea, many locals hunted, because it has a high selling price. In fact, the price is very expensive, in the dry season arrives. Farmers local tea gardens, often unable to meet the demand of reservation. From out of town. Tea parasite believed to have superior efficacy, in the fight against cancer, compared to parasites that grow on other plants.

Traditionally, the parasite used sebagaipenghilang pain, cancer, and postpartum care. The leaves and stems of the parasite, containing aklanoida, saponins, flavonoids, and tannins. Its cytotoxicity, against emapat types of cancer cells in manjusia showed quercetin as an anti-cancer most active with IC50 at 35um U251 (human gliobastoma cells).
Active ingredients anti-cancer growing on some tree species are different. As a medicinal plant, parasites, any type have properties as a medicinal plant that is often used with cancer.

a. Use Potions parasite, a single
Parasite chopped stems and leaves, which are as much as 50 grams of dried, wash with running water, and rinse three times to clean and then boiled with 600 ml of water to the boil, until the remaining one-half cup water. Filtered boiled water, let stand until warm. Parasite Drink boiled water, three times a day, half a glass. In order to feel better flavor, mix two teaspoons, pure honey.

b. The use of potion Parasite with other herbs.
Prepare the stems and leaves chopped dried parasites 30 grams, 20 grams of dried mushrooms Lingzi, dried Phaleria 20 grams. Rinse all the ingredients, boiled with 600 ml of water to boiling, until the remaining one-half cup, and let cool until warm. Drink three times a day, to drink half a glass. Combine palm sugar to taste better.

Garlic (Alium sativum L)- Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Garlic (Alium sativum L)- Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Society in general, have known garlic for seasoning and flavor enhancer in a variety of cuisines. Named garlic, because it was white, bulbous compound layer. Traditionally, garlic is also used as an herb for meyembuhkan disease.

Garlic contains carbohydrates (fructans), essential oils, saponins, flavonoids palitenol, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, carotene, selenium, and organic compounds, which have a sulfur atom. The main content of garlic is allyl sulfur, is efficacious as anti-cholesterol, anti-microbial, anti-diabetic, anti-tumor, anti-hypertensive, and anti-inflammatory.
Various studies, analyze the properties of a mixture of garlic, in the fight against cancer, is allyl sulfur components. These substances can prevent the formation and activation of nitrosamines in the body, also inhibits, carcinogens (cancer-triggering) is aflatoxin, azoxymethane, benzo (a) pyrene.

There are several compounds inhibiting cancer cells, which are both used in the singular, or in combination with other anticancer drugs. Diallyl sulfide, a sulfur-containing garlic, showed inhibitory activity against the growth of some cancer cells, and may also prevent gene mutations, mend damaged DNA structures, stimulate cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis).
Other properties of garlic, is as anti-oxidants, reduce swelling (inflammation), mengeluarka toxins from the body, and kill the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which can lead to various kinds of stomach cancer. To neutralize stew / wkstrak garlic, can mix red and green betel betel, so it's not thick, and can add to the garlic in the treatment of Attack.

a. Use Garlic, singly.

Prepare seven large sized garlic cloves, fresh, and then remove the shell. Wash garlic hinga clean, then cut into small slices. Boil 600 ml of boiling water, and the remaining one-half cup. Filtered boiled water, let stand until warm, then drink this decoction, three times a day. Once the drink, as stengah glass. To reduce the smell of onions, on sat boiling, you can add as many as two pieces of betel leaf, which have been washed, and sliced into small pieces or red betel leaves, in the same way. In order not too thick onion flavor, you can add a teaspoon, pure honey, lime juice and water.

b. Garlic herb with other Medicinal Plants.

Prepare seven cloves of fresh garlic a medium size, cut into small pieces, two red betel leaves, six leaves binahong, rosella flower 10 grams, five grams of black cumin. Wash all ingredients thoroughly, then boiled with three glasses of water (~ 600 ml), to boiling, and the remaining one half gelas.Saring boiled water, then let stand until warm. Drink three times a day, to drink half a glass. In order to better taste, and not too bitter, you can add two teaspoons, pure honey and lemon water.

Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Exterminate Cancer  by  Traditional Medicine.

In the development of science in the world, many of which use herbs as a treatment of choice. Prior to western countries, launched the spirit of 'back to nature', empirically Indonesian society has used the herb as a traditional medicine that is reliable.
I will provide a reference for herbal observer. Especially cancer patients, in order to utilize the medicinal plants, as an alternative, the fight against cancer. Several studies have shown that many medicinal plants, which are recommended to mitigate, prevent, cure, and take an active role in improving the immune system. There are 25 species of medicinal plants, which I have chosen, as a plant that has particularly, a strong potential in the fight against cancer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Herbalife Healthy Living Ways

Herbalife Healthy Living Ways

Health is a priceless treasure, so health should always be maintained. Healthy life with herbal way, or so-called Herbalife became a trend in the present.

Keeping better than cure. And the best treatment is a treatment with minimal side effects. Herbal Medicine is a natural way so it is safe for continuous health care.

Healthy Living,  

Herbalife way of life.



"Human reason and thought given by Allah to continue to read and think for a living, tomorrow better than today, and today is better than yesterday". 

 "Aware that the man can not cure the disease, which can heal only Allah swt. Humans can only treat, with the permission of Allah swt man is given the ability to cure the disease, through thought and effort".
"God does not reduce disease in the world is not accompanied by the medicine. Means that all diseases are inherited in this world there is no cure, except for old diseases".

"The advancement of science and technology and culture is growing very rapidly, so the need for improved quality of life. Therefore always be repaired and creative innovation in all areas of business improvement: health, education, and information technology, and other".

Know Our Products

Know Our Products

Based on the results of the chromatogram, Red Betel leaf contains chemical compounds:  flavonoids, alkaloids , compounds  polevanolad   and   essential oils . Given that, and polevenolad flovanoid compounds it contains are: antioxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and its alkoloid compounds have properties that can inhibit neoplastic cancer cells. Red betel plants are now becoming a phenomenon, besides so beautiful as the plants are very exotic palace, also useful as a plant that is also very "effective" in treating and relieving some diseases such as  diabetes, cancer, gout, Heart, Cholesterol, Inflammation Body Organs , Hypertension, Gurah womanhood, Liver, hemorrhoid, Less vitality , and others.