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Judging from Cyst Disease Causes and Symptoms

Cysts makes one disease become 'scourge' of women. The word cyst is a fluid-filled bumps that are on the ovaries. With cystic form, containing a viscous liquid, and some are shaped wine. And also there is a cyst filled with air, fluid, pus, or other material. 

On ovarian cysts can also grow in the vagina and in the vulva (female external genitalia). And cysts that grow in the vagina, such as inclusion, Gartner duct, endometriosis, and adenosis. While the cysts that grow in the area of ​​the vulva, including Bartholini glands, sebaceous glands and epidermal inclusion. Besides, it can also be said to be cysts or hereditary degenerative diseases. If a parent or grandmother you never suffer from cysts or myomas, then certainly you belong to one ancestry carrier of cystic disease. 
Cyst Disease Symptoms 
Cyst disease common in women. With symptoms that are usually characterized by pain during menstruation, lower abdominal pain, often feel the urge large or small, and in an advanced state may be palpable lump in the abdomen. If the cysts rupture, for example, during intercourse, the patient will feel pain that increases when doing heavy physical activity. 
Causes Cysts 
Besides, in addition to hereditary factors, disease cysts can also be caused by air pollution and dust, the dioxin from factory smoke and combustion gases can lower the motorized human endurance kemudia will help the growth of cysts. Addition of dietary factors, excess fat or unhealthy fat will lead to fatty substances can not be broken down in metabolic processes that will increase testosterone.

Alternative Traditional Medicine To Overcome Swollen Gums

Never experienced Swollen Gums? Perhaps you've been there. Inflammatory swelling of the gums that causes pain in the gums is called gingivitis, the condition of the rosy gums, swollen or look more "fat" and it looks shiny, or spontaneously bleed easily when brushing your teeth, and often occur in conjunction with the accumulation of tartar or calculus (tartar) around the surface of the tooth adjacent to the gums.

The cause swollen gums usually caused by bacteria that infect the tissue dental plaque, causing infection of the teeth and make swollen gums, redness, easy bleeding, and pain. In advanced cases the teeth eventually become loose and even freelance.
To treat abscessed tooth traditionally, here are some ways you can do:

Swollen Gums Alternative To Traditional Medicine-1
Namely: mix some salt in warm water. Use this mixture to rinse. After gargling with salt water, rinse the mouth with water.
Swollen Gums Alternative To Traditional Medicine-2
That is: apply clove oil on the swollen gums with a little black pepper to help ease the pain of the gums.
Such is the natural way to tackle / treat swollen gums that you can apply at home. In addition to the above methods, you can also read the article about teeth and mouth following: how to cope with tartar.

Benefits of Red Betel Leaves Uses 2

World health, red betel has multi functions to treat various diseases. This can be embraced because in one study to get a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to cure the disease.

Red betel plants as medicine multi function 

Already since the days of old red betel plant has been known to have many medicinal properties to cure various diseases, besides the red betel own spiritual values ​​high. Red Betel plant is used as one of the counts should be included in every ritual "ngadi saliro". While boiling water containing an antiseptic used to keep the health of the oral cavity and in his white disease nyembuhkan ser-ta bad odor.
In a study of red betel plant is still very lacking, especially in developing as a raw material for bio-farmaka. So far, the use of red betel only on the basis of the experience done for generations from parent to child or sibling closest orally. In Java, particularly in the Kraton Yogyakarta,'s red betel plant has been consumed long ago to cure various kinds of diseases. While bedasarkan experience Javanese red betel plant has benefits me nyembukan hemorrhoid disease, the off-white and mouthwashes, in the red betel alkaloid that function as anti-microbial.
Besides antiseptic red betel can also be used to treat diabetes, with red betel drinking boiled water every day will lower blood sugar to a normal level. Cancer is a disease that affects people quite a lot and is very deadly, can be healed by using a powder or decoction of red betel leaf. There are some experiences in the community showed that red betel can lower high blood pressure, but it also can cure hepatitis.
Red betel leaf plants in the form of herbal tea can cure gout, diabetes, ulcers and fatigue, this has been done by flashlight herbal clinic in Yogyakarta, where patients are treated remission from diabetes due to consume herbal teas red betel . A red betel as well as foreign drugs to soften the skin.
With this method empirically known red betel plant can cure kidney stones, cholesterol, uric acid, heart attack, stroke, prostate inflammation, eye inflammation, colds and sore joints.

Benefits of Betel Leaf Uses Red

Benefits and efficacy of betel leaf is believed our ancestors for health, and a recent study shows that its benefit especially true of red betel leaf is. One characteristic of this tropical plant is trunked round purplish green and flowering. Red betel leaf surface glossy and uneven as well as tea production stemmed red heart shape hearts and tapered upper.
On the red betel leaf as well as the green is growing vines on fences or trees. The benefits of this plant from Ivorra, MD in the book "A Review of Natural Products and Plants as Potential antidiabetic," has the active compounds and flavonoids betel alkaloid tea red tea can lower blood glucose levels.
And also the efficacy of red betel leaf has been actually utilized by the community for generations Sleman. Besides diabetes, people there use red betel as a traditional medicine to tackle diseases such as cancer, gout, hepatitis, fatigue and ulcers, inflammation, hypertension (high blood pressure), and ambient.
The existence of two researchers from the Mega Safithri IPB and Farah Fahma have investigated the toxicity of aqueous extract of red betel leaf and its ability to lower blood glucose levels in animals called rats. A total of 200 grams of red betel leaves boiled with 1 liter of water to stay 100 milliliters in volume. With the weight ratio of the volume of red betel leaf decoction extract is taken is 200 grams: 100 milliliters or 2: 1. Which red betel leaf is very safe for consumption.
In this study the benefits of red betel leaf is not so much, hopefully more and more research that can be hidden Khasia mengungkan that exist in this plant. Is not every creature of God selallu has benefits for humans.

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