E-Business Systems 

In principle, e-business is often defined as "activities relating directly or indirectly to the exchange of goods and / or services using the internet as a medium of communication and transactions". The development of computer technology and telecommunications (information technology) is very fast nowadays has caused a revolution in the world of trade and industry. If the first business transactions should be done in person (face-toface), involves a number of facilities and physical resources (office and paper), and the exchange of goods and services associated with paper money or coins; then the current similar transactions can be done by anyone and from anywhere in flexible (without having to meet face to face), conducted using electronic equipment (computers, personal digital assistants, etc..) and the Internet, where the payment is made through the mechanism of transfer of financial information (credit cards, digital money, etc. .).
Business practitioners should see this phenomenon as an offer opportunities to improve business performance significantly in many ways, because a lot of things to do such as: improving the efficiency, effectiveness, industrial transformation, and so forth. The point is, if the business practitioners see the physical resources or business processes can now be didigitaliasikan, then that's where the concept of e-Business opportunities can be implemented. The main requirement yan
g to be met by a company that wants to implement the concept of e-Bussiness is that the management company benarbenar understand the basic philosophy of the concept of e-Business (not just a me-too sheer or talkative).
After that, then two important that have, respectively, are: the willingness and ability. "Willpower" means the desire, initiative, commitment, and support of all the leadership and management of the company to implement the concept of e-Business in the institutions they manage. Why is the aspect of "the will" is necessary because often the initiative of applying the principle of e-Business requires a new paradigm and a new view on the ways to manage the business (such as work procedures
nature-based processes across functions) of all the company's human resources. It is not even uncommon application of e-business projects are carried out simultaneously with the change management program (change management). "Ability" means the company has sufficient resources to realize the "whim", such as: human resources with the necessary competence and expertise, adequate financial support, the existence of relevant information technology facilities (applications, databases, computer, internet, and infrastructure ), and enabling collaboration with various business partners (vendors, suppliers, financial institutions, and so forth).

Sistem E-Commerce

Seeing the development of telecommunications and computer technology leads to changes in our everyday culture. In this era of so-called "information age", the electronic media into a media mainstay in the process of communication and business. E-commerce is an extension t of commerce by exploiting electronic media. Although the use of electronic media is not yet understood, but the insistence of the business led to the business would not want to use the electronic media.
There are very exaggerated opinion about the business 'dotcom' or business on-line as if it could replace traditional business (off-line). We can order quickly dengen the internet - in the order of minutes - but the delivery process and the coordination it takes a more complicated, it could take weeks, according to Softbank;'s Rieschel, Internet only completed 10% of the transaction process, while the other 90% is preparation costs for back-end infrastructure, including logistics. Reintiventing business world is not meant to substitute for the existing system, but rather complement and extension of the system of trade and production infrastructure that existed before.
Definisi E-Commerce.
If elaborated that the definition of e-commerce is where in one or dapatmelakukan website provides an online transaction or also can be a good way to shop or trade online or direct selling utilizing Internet facilities where there are websites that can provide "get and deliver". E-commerce will change all marketing activities and also while cutting operational costs for trading activities (trade).
  While opinions on the understanding that the E-Commerce E-commerce refers to the internet for online shopping and more narrow range. Where e-commerce is subperangkat of E-Business. method of payment: via money transfer digitally as through credit card or paypal account Meanwhile, E-Business refers to the internet but wider coverage. Area business occurs when a company or individual to communicate with clients or customers through e-mail marketing or sales but do with the internet. doing so can provide the advantage of fleksibililtas safety and efficiency. method of payment is by digital payment through E-Gold and has been recognized around the world in online transactions.

History and Development of the Internet

What is the Internet? And what is Internet Network? And how the Internet works? Perhaps some people have thought and the questions came at you in front of a computer with internet connected.
 History of the Internet
The term stands for Internet Interconnection-networking. Can be explained in general is a global system of all computer networks are connected to each other using the standard Internet Protocol Suite (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) to serve billions of users around the world over and the universe. At first, the U.S. Defense Department in 1969 succeeded in building a computer network called ARPA Internet with a project called the Advanced Research Project Agency Network or ARPANET abbreviated. By using a phone line and media hardware and software areas UNIX platform, we are able to communicate in an infinite radius.
Internet project was initially only for the U.S. Defense Department. At that time the military made computer network systems that are dispersed in a way to connect multiple computers in areas peting to prevent problems during the raid and to avoid centralized information. At first ARPANET simply connect the four sites, the Stanford Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah, where they form an integrated network in 1969. And in October 1972, ARPANET generally introduced. Some time later, it turns out this project and support the rapidly growing across the country. Since the number of universities that want to join in the American state, the ARPANET was divided into two, namely small MILNET and ARPANET. MILNET specifically for military users, and the ARPANET used for non-military users, such as schools that will join the university. Combined MILNET and ARPANET was eventually known as the DARPA Internet, which was then called the Internet make it easier to remember.
The development of the Internet
Later in development, which is limited in the United States, now the Internet can be used worldwide. In the use of the Internet, there are several Internet protocols are used, among other things, TCF, DNS, IP, SSL, FTP, Telnet, HTTPS, SSH, HTTP, POP3, UDP, IMAP, and SMTP. Some of the popular Internet services that use those protocols are e-mail (electronic mail) or commonly called email, Newsgroups, Usenet, File Sharing, IRC, WWW, and so on. From some of those mentioned above, the most frequently used e-mail and the WWW. In addition to the above-mentioned, the Internet can be used to connect between two or more users through instant messaging applications such as IM, MSN, Camfrog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pidgin or some similar application currently growing rapidly.
So the Internet indirectly have a major influence in the development of science and world view. Now this by simply using the Internet and access to Google, users can obtain a wide range of information that is incomplete when compared to search for information on library books.
Please describe the version you think about the Internet after learning the history and development of the Internet.

Computer Technology

Computers are no longer a luxury but has become a necessity to accelerate and simplify our work. For most of us even have a computer to make a friend that will be encountered in the workplace every day. Of course, over time, computer technology was designed increasingly sophisticated.
Computers have been growing very rapidly. Basically there are some areas of the development of this technology. Here are some areas of computer technology articles can be found, among others:
Software available computer
 The development of software is also not lost with the development of computer software. Various needs of increasingly demanding creative developers to create a variety of computer software. The development of this software can be found and read in computer technology articles are scattered in various communities on the internet.
Hardware available computer
Computer hardware or hardware is often referred to as a growing part of the computer. Increasingly, computer hardware developed increasingly sophisticated with better capabilities. Some hardware is experiencing significant growth is the speed of the processor, the computer memory technology, hard drive capacity is becoming increasingly large, and other technologies.
Programming Language
For those of you who are interested in the manufacture of computer programs, of course, computer technology related article would interest you. There are many programming languages ​​that can be used in making a variety of applications. Within these articles, you can draw on a variety of science-related programming languages ​​are concerned.
Security of data
Data security is of great importance in the world of computers. So vast and rapid development of the network, especially computer networks make security a factor that can not be removed from the attention. From various articles about computer technology and data security systems and networks, to understand more deeply what should be done for the safety of computer you have.

Information and Communication Technology 

Information and Communication Technology (Information Communication Technology) is a general term that includes all technologies for the manipulation and communication of information. The term is sometimes used in preference to Information Technology (IT) / Information Technology (IT), particularly in two communities: education and government. In common usage is often assumed ICT is synonymous with IT; ICT in fact encompasses all media to record information (magnetic disk / tape, optical disks (CD / DVD), flash memory etc. and may also paper records); technology for broadcasting information - radio , television, and technology for communicating through voice and sound or images - microphone, camera, loudspeaker, telephone to cellular phones. Included in the various types of computer hardware (PCs, servers, mainframes, networked storage), a rapidly growing personal hardware market comprising mobile phones, personal devices, MP3 players, and many more; full of all the software applications from the smallest home - developed spreadsheet to the largest enterprise software packages and online services, and hardware and software required to operate the network for the transmission of information, again ranging from the home to the largest global network of private commercial networks operated by large companies, and of course , Internet. Thus, "ICT" makes more explicit that technologies such as broadcasting and wireless mobile telecommunications are included.
It is known that "ICT" by the British is the definition and nuance in scope than under "ICT" in Japanese, which is more technical and narrow in scope.
Of ICT capabilities vary widely in sophistication, especially in the west a little lacking in developing countries. But developing countries will catch up quickly, skipping generations develop new technologies and solutions that fit their needs.

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