Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Neem Leaf (Azadirachta Indica) - exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Neem Leaf (Azadirachta Indica) - exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Neem leaves, besides taken a lot of people, as a medicinal plant, also known as a natural insecticide, which is environmentally friendly. Plant multi-function, also widely grown man, a shade plant on the roadside. Parts of this plant are used for medicinal dipakaai, is the leaves. Neem leaves, containing the active ingredient, such as flavonoids, triterpenoids, glycosides, and other compounds, as antiviral. Other chemical content neem leaves, such as azadirachtin, oil gliserda and asetiloksituranoe acid. The use of traditional, among others, as the lowering of blood cave, increased levels of anti-oxidants and detoxifying enzymes in the stomach, as well as the potential to prevent cancer. Besides essential oils, neem leaves are widely used as an antiseptic.
Neem leaves and neem seeds, can be used as an antibiotic, antifungal antimicrobial, antihelmintik, and antivirus. Neem leaves, as well as to lower total blood cholesterol, LDL, and VLDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and total lipids in serum.

Utilization of neem leaves, formulated with other Medicinal Plants.

Prepare seven neem leaves, five leaves of soursop, betel leaves and three red. Rinse smua ingredients, boiled with 600 ml of water to boiling, until the remaining one half cup of water, strain and chill. Drink three times a day, to drink a glass setngah. This herb stew, tastes very bitter. To reduce the bitter taste, add a tablespoon of honey pure.

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