Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beet (beta Vulgaris) : Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Beet (beta Vulgaris) : Exterminate Cancer by Traditional Medicine.

Red beet, widely known as a vegetable crop, which many in the market, is the beetroot or garden beet, a purplish red. This plant is wet and bulbous plants. There are two varieties of beet, the beet root red, and beet root meah whitish color. 

Beet in Indonesia, grew up in the area, Lembang, Canning, Cipanas, and Batu, Malang. Beet is a source of vitamins B, C and a little vitamin A. The content of pigments in beet, iatu betalain, believed to be very beneficial for preventing colon cancer. Based on research by Eleanor Blanrockbush, Ph.D, President of Trace Minerals International, Colorado, United States, proving that beet can inhibit cell mutations in patients with colorectal cancer. 
Some of the content in the beet root and benefits as follows: 

• 34% Folic Acid: grow and replace damaged cells. 
• Caumarin: that works to prevent cancer. 
• Betasianin: as a cancer preventative. 
• Other substances, which serves to normalize the energy, and the immune system. 

Beets when cut open, blood-red, when dried will experience a depreciation of 80%, by weight of the wet. In the treatment of cancer, beet is often mixed with other herbs, both in ingredients and the herbs are boiled vegetable juice. 

Beet usage with other Medicinal Plants. 

Prepare fresh tuber Bit 50 grams, add 20 grams of white ground, meeting buffoonery 20 grams, and 20 grams gods crown. Wash all the ingredients, then chopped into small pieces. Boil all ingredients dengan600 ml of water to the boil, reserving one half cup water. Let stand until warm, then strain the cooking water. Drink three times a day, to drink half a glass. Add lemon juice and two teaspoons, pure honey, herbs that taste better.

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