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Prof.Dr. dr. Wasilah Rochmah Sp.PD, K-Ger. 

Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Geriatric Consultant (Diseases of the Elderly), Responsible for Seniors Clinic, Doctors at this hospital and PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital - Yogyakarta.

 In the Qur'an Allah SWT lower disease must always be with the medicine, but old.
Mas Dewo has been a lot of collecting and collating all the information, both about the cultivation of red betel and benefits with the intent to develop traditional medicines.
joint bid to unite together to uncover the riches it needs to start from the researchers that golden opportunity of GOD Almighty bestowed the Indonesian nation is not simply sabotaged by other nations, such as other riches from the past until now.
Kudos to Mas Dewo. Go in with an idea that has been started, from boiled to extract, then need content analysis of red betel along with GMU Center for the Study of Traditional Medicine, which eventually could reach clinical trials.
With the sentence penggempur various diseases have been embroidered with the words more exclusive rule or scientifically accompanied by the appropriate dose and warning that any drug there must be unexpected side effects or unexpected. May Allah always guide and protect you. Amien 


R. Broto Sudibyo BSc., 87 years old, Herbal Expert.

Traditional or herbal medicine world greeted positively, the most important traditional medicine from the basic raw material of various types of herbs to be safe and beneficial. Apabilakondisi after drinking herbal ingredients that harm no negative complaints, there should be a suggestion to stop. Perhaps red betel efficacious overcome some illnesses, either independently single or formulated with other herbs that are suitable to be integrated.
A red betel plant has a Latin name Piper betle Linn. synonymous Chavica anuriculata / Chavica betle contains compounds Mig saponins, flavonoids, polifenal, kavikol, kavibetol and ponlen. Nutritional content of red betel similar to black and betel betel betook I and II. A red betel indeed bitter taste compared to regular betel or other varieties.
So to be able to find how strong efficacy in the treatment of red betel herbal clinical trials would need a deeper, therefore its presence is really beneficial for all those who need it as an herbal remedy that is "effective". I hope there are other writers who dare to pry the secret of red betel to the public interest. If necessary, the Department of Agriculture and Department of Health should assist and provide convenience for the interest to develop further research on this phenomenon in the red betel efficacy of herbal medicine in Indonesia.


Prof. Dr. Amien Rais, former Assembly Speaker, Lecturer.

Actually, if we want to explore the realm of traditional medicine heritage of our ancestors, surely we will find a lot of "legacy" which is very useful. Herb concoction of red betel reintroduced by Br. Bambang Sudewo is one of them. Hopefully in the future more and more experts who can draw on traditional ingredients of medicinal plants has long been true wealth of our nation.


Sri Haryanto S. Nugroho BA., Head of Grace Court Clinic Holistic Alternatives - Yogyakarta

Traditional medicine is also popularly known as herbal medicine has become a necessity for the whole society, not just the people of Indonesia, but also the world community. This is evident from the recognition of the WHO (World Health Organization) on the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional medicine with herbs herbal.Salah one that suits your needs is the red betel (Piper betle L. var. Rubrum). Observation, assessment and experience Br. Bambang Sudewo Herbal Clinic Center, which he founded, managed to find a formulation of red betel highly efficacious and efficacious for the treatment of various diseases. How do we deserve any thumbs-up to Br. Bambang Sudewo that his life falls completely within the field of traditional medicine.


Dr. Romo. Paulus Tribrata Br., M. Th, MM, Rohaniawan

Back to nature or back to nature a term born of awareness of the harmful chemicals contained in synthetic drugs.
I argue for users of medicinal plants, especially red betel as medicine is, "Use of red betel and other herbs are very much present in Indonesia, which is the grace of God with faith, for those who do believe, it is half cured. A joyful heart enhance the efficacy of red betel and other medicinal plants. " God bless you.


 Dr. Ipung Puruhito Sp. PD, Hospital Internists Haji Surabaya.

I as a physician is often in the face of patients who are suffering from severe pain, but the means of treatment and knowledge of medical treatment is not the answer. Armed with the knowledge that complementary medicine treatment becomes more discourse. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to find a book or reference on betel plant merah.Saya salute the writers bothered to compile this book. We know as other types of betel, red betel plant than more exotic and may also contain anti-inflammatory substances much more. The plant is believed to heal wounds or swelling, so once widely used as a medicine pack. I hope that further research will be born red betel, thus enriching the knowledge of the treatment of all of us.


 Ir. Suwardi MP., Lecturer in Medicinal Plants and Spices, Herbalis

Medicinal plants native to Indonesia there are about 30,000 species that have not been utilized to its full potential. Each species has a variety of varieties, including the betel plant (Piper batle L.). Originally used for medicinal betel nosebleeds, ulcers and disinfectants. However, the next development was found betel leaves reddish, so-called red betel (variety rubrum), which contains the active ingredient is more complete than usual betel. Chemically active ingredients contained in the betel leaf is generally in the form of essential oils, flavonoids, alkaloids, compounds polifenolad and tannin.Dilihat of power and healing properties that have been proven by the user, this information needs to be disseminated to the public. Procedures for the development and cultivation of red betel plant growers need to be informed to the drug, so it can be commercially cultivated as a medicinal plant multikhasiat. In addition, it should also pioneered the traditional medicine industry raw material as the container of red betel. If cooperation can be established, the farmers of medicinal plants can be lifted welfare.


 dr. HR Endro Sukmono Sp. P, Pulmonologists, acupuncturist and herbalist

MPR set a mandate in 1989 that stated the need for excavation, research, testing and development of traditional medicine and traditional remedies. We know the maintenance and development of traditional medicine is a national heritage that must be improved and encouraged business development through excavation, research, testing and development and drug discovery including medicinal plants cultivation is medically able dipertanggungjawabkan.Masyarakat more forward-thinking and informed that in Western countries people began to return to nature, because modern medicine which is used a lot of complaints or red samping.Sirih increase investment securities medicine and traditional medicine and can help to overcome the shortcomings of Western medicine. For example, recently the treatment of tuberculosis appears the resistance. Thus the treatment of cancer and asthma, up to now the results are not satisfactory. Traditional medicine, including red betel, are expected to participate to help solve these problems. The permission of God, hopefully more and more present faster drugs to treat refractory disease or who until now have not found a cure. May God bless.


 dr. Suratno, Yogyakarta

Therefore, much of the medical research and has conducted research on herbs that can be used as a drug, which is about the content and the content contained in these materials. Can not be denied, these natural materials in terms of fewer side effects than chemical drugs as long as the dosage and how to correct and hygienic processing.
This is due to the red betel is an archipelago natural wealth that has not been properly explored and exploited in the field of health.
(Excerpted from the book "Exterminate Disease With Betel Red" written by Bambang Sudewo)


KRAy. S.M. Anglingkusumo

A really good attention and I feel proud that red betel plant is a traditional herb is very helpful in the effort to gain public health in the traditional way is very affordable.
Around around we have very many things that could be material research, writing, and make it as income. Jka we are diligent, responsive and have the will. Sdr. Dewo Indonesia is one of those who have the will, perseverance, creativity and passion that should be followed by others so that the potential and the potential of our natural areas are not utilized strangers.
I wish Bro. Dewo can continue to develop the knowledge, in collaboration with scientists in the field of agriculture, especially horticulture, researchers and experts of other traditional medicines, manufacturers, and government or the private sector can add insight and even may become a sponsor in writing the next book. This is due to information about useful herbs for health is currently very popular and a lot of talk in various circles. Therefore, do not despair, go ahead, good luck and got the grace and guidance of God Almighty as the Creator of this incredible.


 Ny. Saptohudoyo ie, Yogyakarta

I hope that next time there is a product-products derived from red betel can be used by women in the area, such as red betel scrubs skin care, face mask, health soap or antiseptic cream to overcome flek and acne, cleaning fluid feminine organ , liquid repellent damage hair roots, or inhibiting the process of premature aging. And when  possible made about specific natural ingredients for spa products main ingredient of red betel. Such as scrubbing and maskernya products. The product is beneficial to cleanse and refine the skin, and lift dead skin cells. And can be formulated about sandal wood essential oil, fresh yoghurt, jasmine oil, olive oil, aromatic flowers, and grain powder that contains nutrients for healthy skin.
I do not exaggeration SPerkiraan superior products from raw materials of red betel, either as drugs or natural beauty products, will respond positively by the public, especially women of Indonesia.
I also have been taking Red Betel Herbal Tea. It feels good on the body and is real merit. Hopefully in the future, red betel products more attractive community.


 Ny. Tinuk Riefky, Expert Bridal Makeup

Trend back to nature, or back to nature, both in the West and in Asia a lot of choice. Books on the red betel reminds me of some brides who asked me to do the detox, body scrubbing, facial and face mask (facial treatment to cleanse, soften, rejuvenate and refresh the skin) in a natural way as well as the cleaning fluid female organs .
Looks like red betel can be combined with other natural ingredients, such as olive oil, carrots, avocado, milk, honey, cucumber, lemon and fruit, and organic vegetables.
As a basis ngadi saliro (health and beauty), Betel Red Scrub Sekar Kedhaton PJ production has become an important part of healthy skin care as well. The aroma of fresh. I agree if Scrub Red Betel, Betel Red Herbal Tea and Red Betel Extract Capsules mass produced with quality standards and efficacy could be accounted for. I wait for the red betel products other with other benefits as well, especially special for beauty treatments and bridal makeup.

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